Sunday, July 8, 2007


in the part of communication patterns,it shows the basic informations in order to compare and contrust. first, an experiment had showed to us that comparing and contrasting the similarity and differency bwtween Japanese and America.the result is that japanese use words indirectly. in contrast, American seems more open than them ,they will talk and laugh as usual.Japanese will treat people in different way in order to show their respect. Even though it just only 20 mins, expert still got lots of things.nevertheless, this does not mean we can conclude that we have differences in different genders. additionally, experts also found out that man with man is one situation , woman with woman is another situation. When two men are talking , they wont be so close to each other. however, when ladies do the say things, they will try to get closer. in conclusion, women seem more likely to enjoy conversations and that is why around 75 percent of interrupting are made by men.
another part of this topic is conversational showed lots of specific example to support this idea.from the observation of different grade of people who study in. as a result, we can see that from the beginning of our childhood , man had already determined to speak less than woman. furthermore, men seems to have too much topic to talk than women. in another study which contained Tv debate and achieving "expert status". from this part , men would like to be treated as experts. instead, this erase the wealth of real female experts.same things happened in working place too. in addition, man always want to build up hierarchy .
in conclusion, woman and man have differences even though most of them are very similar.

Monday, July 2, 2007


the end of book Death Du Jour is too simple and short for me. But almost everything is solved and clarified. In my opinnion, there is one question left which is who killed the olkd lady........ author want to use this unclear ending to make them think about result themselves or maybe in the following book , it will be solved.Anyway , it is a quit good book.
the major themes of my book are -Even though you do not like your sister or others ,you will still be ready to use your own life to save theirs. Another one is that be aware of the damage from evil cult.And author also illustrate the really story of solar temple to show how evil they are. Moreover the end of the story is also happend in Montreal.
the persons seem real, the love between Ryan and Bernan.and the relationship with Harry.
i did not lost the plot a lot, the most interesting things is that author always dont give real answer to me and actually you will find it in the next chapter. this really grab me to read and read and never stop

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

coments on Death DuJour

the reason why i choose this book is because i dont know what to choose ,,,every single book seemed no to suite me,,however ,, i feel good till now about the content of this bood( death du jour) i will recommend this book for a leisure time reading material

Friday, June 22, 2007


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